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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a basement waterproofing job take?

    Most waterproofing jobs take one to three days, depending on the size. Some may take longer depending on what has to be done and the size of the job.

  • Will you be able to give me a free estimate on what is needed to be completed to waterproof my basement and what it will cost?

    Yes, we provide free estimates. However, for people who are buying or selling a home, we charge a $150.00 fee for the estimate, which is refundable as a credit if we are contracted to do the job. The reason for the fee is that some people choose to get estimates to reduce the sale cost but never fix the problem of flooding or seepage.

  • What is the most common reason for basement flooding?

    Hydrostatic water pressure against the foundation and, over time, water finds its way into your house.

  • How soon can you begin work on my property?

    Typically within a week or two, sometimes sooner depending on our schedule and the availability of materials needed for a particular job.

  • Why can’t I just paint Dry Lok or other similar material on my walls to fix the basement water issues?

    Even though these products are good at preventing water penetration, typically this will make your situation worse over time as the water level in your foundation or water pressure behind your foundation will raise and potentially create more damage to your foundation and the Drylok coating will eventually break down.

  • I have a crawl space that always seems damp. Is that something that can be waterproofed?

    Yes, damp crawl spaces are quite common and can create mold issues throughout a house, so it is especially important to make sure your crawlspace is dry and sealed from any ground moisture.

Foundation Repair

  • My basement only leaks in a certain spot (s) and there are cracks in the poured concrete. Is this fixable or do I need a whole waterproofing system?

    We can repair cracks through an injection system, and typically, if that is the only issue, it can be just a crack repair.

  • Will you collaborate with my homeowner insurance?

    Homeowners insurance typically will not cover waterproofing, only usually the damage to a finished basement.

  • If I have a finished basement, how can you handle the waterproofing and get it back together?

    We are one of the few companies that can install a waterproofing system and do all the repairs to bring your basement back to its original or better condition.

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